Designer, future architect, and comedian Roman Simmons joins Doug and Justin to discuss the resurgence of virtual reality. Roman talks about his background in design, moving to Los Angeles, and then finding a love in comedy. The three heroes dive into which movies they’d like to experience in virtual reality as well as potential shortcomings of VR. Justin tells a story about the first time he used VR in the South Park Mall in Moline, IL. Doug posits the physical pros and cons of using full fledged VR for gaming. The trio then discuss the idea of reliving memories through VR. Obviously, VR porn is considered and explored because WE’RE HUMAN, DAMMIT! Things are wrapped up with a throw-down between the 2005 Fantastic Four movie characters vs. the 2015 Fantastic Four movie characters and then the embodiment of 3D vs. the embodiment of VR.

Roman and some other very funny folks from the group Accidental Adults are putting up a sketch show called "The Brink of Sanity" at the Public House Theater every Thursday in February at 8:00PM. Check it out! You can also catch Roman on his podcasts Real Fans 4 Real Movies and Taking a Bullet. Give them a listen! They’re a real hoot!

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