The brilliant comedian Hunter Lehr joins Justin and Doug to discuss time travel and multiverse theories. Our three heroes explore the time travel “movie logic” of Interstellar, Back to the Future, Terminator, and Days of Future Past. Thoughts then shift to the idea of having your conscious transferred to your 15 year-old self. Questions you never knew you had are answered...sort of. Questions like, would you be able to change the future with the knowledge of what’s going to happen? Is it still time travel if you’re frozen in ice and then awoken 80 years in the future? Is it still time travel if you land on a planet that has denser gravity and experiences time flowing at a different speed? If you could travel back in time to hang out with your 18 year-old self, would you get along with them? We break the meta-loop and wrap things up with a throw-down between our 50 year old self vs. our 25 year old self.

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