Comedian, teacher, and fellow nerd Tim Soszko joins Doug and Justin to discuss what two fictional universes they’d like to see mashed together. Doug brings up Batman and James Bond existing in the same universe: the world’s greatest detective vs. the world’s greatest spy. Tim revels in the thought of a Batman and Sherlock Holmes mashup and then considers a Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes combo. Justin suggests the idea of Sin City and Harry Potter universe blend. Tim theorizes that the ka-tet from The Dark Tower parallels the group in Cowboy Bebop. Doug discusses how he’d love to see the ultra-violent world of Warhammer 40K mashed up with the Star Wars universe and then considers what it would be like to see Star Trek in the universe of Alien and Predator. Things are wrapped up with a throw-down with Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen vs. Phoenix from X-Men. To see the comic of Batman and Sherlock we talked about in this episode check out our Facebook page.

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