Comedian, writer, and father Aaron Moser joins the podcast this week to talk to Doug and Justin about being a parent in society today. Aaron provides his advice on how to make time to be both a comedian and a parent, what it takes to raise a good kid, and what it feels like when you lose your child in a public space. The three heroes discuss the killing of Harambe the gorilla and then debate whether a human could “assassinate” an animal. The topic of conversation then turns to the alligator attack in Disney World and the guys try to guess if they would be able to quickly defend a child in the face of danger. Doug asks the team if they could remember the time when their parents seemed less like authority figures and more like normal human beings. Things are wrapped up with a throw-down with Joker vs. The Riddler.

You can find Aaron performing with his very funny improv team Hulk Spanx at the pH Theater!

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