We're one year old!! To celebrate, actor, comedian, and dancer Chelsea Dàvid visited the podcast to talk to Justin and Doug about our behavior online and how much we should be held accountable for our actions. The three heroes talk about how Patton Oswalt is the true winner and champion of Twitter and social media. Chelsea discusses how she tries to be as positive as possible on Facebook by posting uplifting statuses. The trio then discuss whether someone should be fired from a job based on their online behavior and Doug posits whether a corporation should be able to hold opinions and the ability to make political decisions. Doug then tells the riveting story behind the documentary,Tallhotblond, and asks if should we be held responsible for the damage we cause online? Things are wrapped up with a throw-down of Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs.

You can follow Chelsea on Facebook to catch her positive affirmation posts. Check out Chelsea doing some of her radio serial shows with Locked Into Vacancy Events at the 2016 Chicago Fringe Festival, Aug. 31 - Sept. 11.

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