Musician, nerd, and vinyl record seller Colby Robinson stops by the podcast to talk about a slew of topics with Doug and Justin. Colby and Doug reminisce about their regrettable lyrics for one of their songs they wrote in their cover band in high school. Justin ponders if VHS tapes will make a comeback like vinyl records. The trio discuss why they think vinyl records have survived and seen a resurgence over the years. Colby asks why Nickelback gets so much hate and whether it’s wrong to create music solely for the sake of becoming a commercial product. The heroes then talk about movies and how they feel when a movie story doesn’t follow the status quo and challenges us to think outside the box. Colby brings up the conspiracy theory that Steven Tyler didn’t actually sing “Dream On” and then the three amigos discuss what should be considered musical plagiarism in today’s society. Things are wrapped up with a throw-down of a fully-spinached Popeye vs. Hellboy.

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