Improviser and writer Carly Heiser came by to chat with Doug and Justin about editing your baby’s genes, implanting technology into your brain to enhance your abilities, and using synthetic blood. The trio discuss whether or not they would consider editing their children’s genes if it meant they would be healthier and then contemplate whether they would be willing to use an organ that was grown in a pig. Justin references the Ship of Theseus paradox and asks, at what point do you stop being you and become something else by changing and upgrading yourself? Would the wealthy be the only ones who have access to these medical changes and how would that affect society? We ponder these questions and more! Things are wrapped up with a throw-down with Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk vs. William Shatner’s Captain Kirk.

You can see Carly performing with her improv ensemble The Stacks at the Chicago Improv Den and iO. You can also follow her on Twitter @carlyheiser and on Instagram @carly2.

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