Doug and Justin reminisce about some of their favorite improv moments. The heroes then discuss the popular idea that dramatic acting is easier than comedic acting. The duo shares some of their favorite comedic movies and why they feel like they’re great and then talk about what makes a good horror film. Moving further down the mind gap, our guys talk about how the drama of Shakespeare transcends time, but comedy struggles to do this. Lastly, the dorks discuss the controversy surrounding Katie Rich’s joke about Barron Trump.

Things are wrapped up with a throw-down with Chris Farley vs. John Belushi.  

Doug recommends that you listen to the UK punk band called Trash Boat.  Check out their song “Strangers.” Justin recommends that you listen to the podcast Science vs which takes on fads, trends, and the opinionated mob to find out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between.

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