This week Justin and Doug discuss what fictitious pop culture religion they would found. Justin thinks a Beatles religion would be pretty swell and Doug is curious about the religion of the Jedi. The dorks talk about how Porn Hub is looking to add a sex ed section to their website. Doug schools Justin on the difference between the golden and platinum rules in terms of empathy. Doug gives Justin all of the details on the quidditch documentary Mudbloods and the two talk about whether or not they would play. A discussion is had about the light, dark, and gray side of the force in Star Wars. Things are wrapped up with a throw-down with a light side Jedi vs. a dark side Jedi.

Doug recommends the UK pop-punk band Neck Deep. Their album Life’s Not Out to Get You is great.  Check out their single “Gold Steps.” Justin recommends Sherlock, which is on Netflix now!

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