Dave Cochrane is back on the podcast! This time, Dave, Doug, and Justin talk about their Junior High experience, coaching, teaching, and how to be a good leader. Dave voices his disdain for Jane Eyre and relives a special English class he took in college. The heroes then discuss Ghost in the Shell and the whitewashing controversy surrounding it and movies in general as well as PC Culture. Dave then schools Doug and Justin on the education system and the trio discusses violence in Chicago.

Things are wrapped up with a throw-down with Officer Alex Broch, the police officer for Dave’s school vs. John McClane. #BringBrochsBeardBack #OfficerBrochKnows

Dave thinks you should watch Legion, The Expanse, and Penny Dreadful.  He also wants to remind you to pay your taxes. Doug recommends the anime series One Punch Man.

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