At long last, Mind Gap Podcast super fan Wain Parham joins Justin and Doug this week and it is a doozy! Wain sets a new standard by bringing Justin and Doug a gift, he explains why church music is so different and complicated, and he finally explains to Doug why he’s a fundy Christian. This leads the heroes down a discussion about human nature, tribalism, and evolving to the next human level. Wain gives his thoughts on Christopher Nolan and talks about his programming skills. The heroes then discuss some of their favorite nerd TV shows and then Justin tries to get Wain and Doug to fight by asking them to debate whether The Dark Knight is a good movie.

Things are wrapped up in a throw-down with One Punch Man vs. Iron Fist.

Check out Wain’s theatre company, TUTA, for shows and labs!

Doug has an improv show at The Playground Theater on Saturday, June 24 at 9:00pm.  Click here for tickets!

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