Our Services


Writing & Pre-Production

Do you have an idea for a video project but don't know where to start? Our first meeting is always free and we can offer general guidance and consultation on whether your idea is really that crazy (it's not!) If you're still unsure, we can always take the reins by offering script writing, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, coordinating and all those little things that take time away from your vision and busy schedule.  


We have all the gear to make your project a success. If not, we'll find a way to get it. We're resourceful. Once on set, we'll set the scene with lights, cameras and actions (if necessary). A typical day of shooting includes a Director of Photography with a one or two camera HD setup, 3-point lighting system and full wireless audio package. We also own and operate a drone, steadicam rig, 6 foot jib and an assortment of other "toys" to maximize production value. 



Editing / Post-Production

Finally, we'll take that exquisitely planned seed of an idea that was shot so elegantly with pristine, crystal clear sound and turn it into a fully finished product to show off to all your friends, clients and competitors. We are well versed using both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. It's said that any video is made three different times. Once in the writing, again during filming and lastly during the editing, when it all comes together. That's our favorite part!