Our Story...

Drew Dull and Justin Strandlund both moved to Chicago in 2003 to attend Columbia College Chicago. In fact, they lived in the same exact building without ever meeting. That building was located at 2 East 8th Street, in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood.

Fast forward ten years to when Drew was put in charge of hiring a new production coordinator at the company he worked for. Justin was the applicant that walked through the door and left no doubt that he was the perfect fit for the position. 

They quickly bonded through their mutual hatred of math and love of beer. More importantly though, they found in each other, the urgency to create and be creative. They began collaborating on various projects that would lead them down a path to their eventual destination -- 2 East 8th Productions. 

We are storytellers. We don't just want to create. We NEED to create. Let us help you tell your story. And let's have an awesome time doing it!