Finally deciding to use their power for good, this Monday Justin and Milos are chatting with Dan Barrett, a 15+ year industry professional and all-around awesome guy whose dog needs some help. Due to a Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (spinal cord disorder caused by a blocked blood vessel) their dog, Maizy, is paralyzed on her back half. With medical bills piling up, Dan and his family decided to turn to family, friends, and kindhearted beer lovers on the Internet to help raise some funds for their precious pooch. Long story short, when you make a donation to help Maizy you can cast a vote for either Revolution Brewing or Half Acre Beer Company. The logo of whichever brewery has the most votes at the end of the campaign will become Dan’s first tattoo. The guys also talked with Dan about his extensive career in the bar world from hellish openings, to getting shut down via a police raid, to bartending in Spain. Again, awesome guy.

If you’re able help you can donate and cast your vote here:

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